Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hi, my name is Nick. As you may have guessed I'm 15, and a foodie, and an aspiring chef. I've always had a love for food but that passion really took off September 2006 when I was offered an apprenticeship at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse by the head chef Matthew Levin. I've been going in on Saturdays ever since. Since then, I've worked at Amada, Osteria, and Fork, I've dined all over Philly (usually paid for by my allowance), and I've learnt as much about food as possible. My career really took off when I was featured in a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I've become so immersed with food in my everyday life, that I thought it necessary to share my experiences. I thought a blog through the eyes of a fifteen year old foodie would provide a unique insight for all people in the blogosphere. I plan to document my experiences at Lacroix, and to talk about everything else food related. Just remember, school comes first, and if I swear anywhere in this blog, don't tell my mom.

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