Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Chipotle has just beat out the likes of Wendy's, Qdoba, Cici's Pizza, and Mickey D's to win the award of "Nick's Favorite Fast Food Joint." How was Chipotle able to garner such a prestigous award? Well, by being downright awesome.

Never has a fast food restaurant had such class, such an environmentalist attitude, and most importantly such great flavor. I don't feel like I'm eating fast food when I eat Chipotle. Indeed, it has nearly undermined the "higher class" burrito-serving restaurants in the area, and has captured the attention of my community. Recent articles in the school newspaper praise its greatness and proclaim its superiority over Qdoba (for a much more detailed description, and more big words than I can muster, talk to my friend Avi ).

Tomorrow, a new one opens 5 minutes from my house and free burritos are being served all day. Don't be surprised if I begin to feel sick during lunchtime.

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Unknown said...

I had a chance to get invited to a sneak preview last night with free burritos to celebrate the opening night before the actual opening night. It was a very small gathering so only VIP Burrito enthusiasts were invited hence why I was there. I had a better experience than the one a few months ago at the Chipotle at the Target Center on City Line Ave. I still give Qdoba the slight nod over Chipotle but it impressed me last night.