Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sam Talbot!

Sam Talbot, what a guy (he's even well dressed). Sam was my pick to win Top Chef season 2, and he should have, but came up just short. He came back last night as a guest judge and maintained his signature scowl throughout the episode.

The cheftestants had to forego giving some Chi-Town cops doughnuts and feed them some healthy meals. Spike (and his hat) won the quickfire with a messy-looking salad, and as a result got to shop for a few components of his healthy dish 10 minutes before anyone else. His choices would be unavailable to anyone else. Though he wouldn't admit it to Tom, Spike clearly tried to sabotage everybody by choosing bread, tomatoes, and chicken. Despite this advantage, Spike made an awful grape and olive filled chicken salad which he claimed "should work because it's salty and sweet." Tom reminded him that olives and grapes have other flavors to them.

I honestly can't remember the winning dish. I know Dale won, but none of the good dishes really stuck out to me. The bad dishes, on the other hand, were noticeable. Andrew's "sushi" did not appeal to me in the slightest. I knew he was landing himself in the bottom three once he substituted sushi rice with a parsnip, pine-nut mixture. Lisa was also in the bottom for jumbling some veggies and rice into what she called a "stir fry."

At judges table, Lisa made another enemy in Andrew. Of course she had to call him out in front of the judges. Fortunately for her, Andrew and his dirty mouth went home. I think Bravo might have rigged this elimination so that they could move their rating from TV-14 down to TV-PG.

As I saw in the preview for next week's episode, I was wrong about what I said in my previous top chef post about wedding wars replacing restaurant wars. Can't wait till next week.

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