Sunday, May 4, 2008

Post- Workout Drink

Look at that. That was my post-workout drink yesterday. You're supposed to have protein after you work out right? Well I think so, but maybe I just say that to justify an extra helping of Fage Greek Yogurt. Anyway, I came home exhausted, and drenched in sweat and saw my sister eating some stawberries with some Ready-Whip on top. This sparked an idea! Rather than simply eat a Fage yogurt (the 0% fat type is almost exclusively protein), I would make a strawberry-yogurt smoothie and top it with whipped cream. Take note, this is the first, and most likely last time one of my sisters will inspire a culinary creation.

I tossed some ripe strawberries in a blender and added a few globs of Fage. As the mixture was blending, I drizzled in some acacia honey (pick it up at DiBruno's), added some more yogurt for a thicker consistency, then took it out and put it in a mug (strain it if you don't want the seeds). I put a generous helping of that delicious whipped cream you buy in the cans (guilty pleasure) on top (I added more after I took the picture), then got in the shower before I could completely infuse the house with the inevitable post-workout odor.

Though by the time I finished making this drink it was probably more sugar than protein, I felt great eating it. Try it! The thought of having this when I come home makes me want to exercise.

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