Monday, May 19, 2008

Nickmuffin Revamped!

I have recently taken the famed egg nickmuffin TM to the next level! My precious duck eggs have been gone for some time now, and endlessly I've searched for that same feeling of satisfaction that a fried duck egg sandwiched between two buttery english muffins can give you. The addition of other ingredients (cheese, spinach, mushrooms) has helped me in the mourning of my lost duck eggs, but nothing has helped me recover nearly as much as a new discovery. One day, a radical (not reactionary) idea came to me. Who doesn't like bacon and eggs? No one? ok good. Recently, my sister broke off a two week stint as a vegetarian with the sole quote "I couldn't resist the bacon." If my sister likes bacon, everyone does, trust me.

So yea, I was thinking about what I could do with bacon and eggs, but I didnt wanna do any of the boring (but delicious) obvious stuff like put a piece of bacon in my nickmuffin TM. So I took lots and lots of applewood smoked bacon. I rendered out all the fat, threw the bacon to my former-vegetarian sister, and saved the rendered fat. The next day, I took some of the fat from the fridge, heated it in a skillet, and fried an egg.

The outcome? Extremely delicious! The rich egg flavor combined with the salty, smoky notes from the bacon fat , and the buttery english muffin to create one amazing afterschool snack that would rival Cheetos if ever mass produced.

Yea, so how to end? Well, if you have money, and you want to do a restaurant based around the nickmuffin TM, phone me. Even just like a breakfast stand would be great. I'm free on Sundays.

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Jumper said...

Today is corn pudding day. I use some masa, and of course egg, and definitely ground up New Mexico chiles. And a touch of cumin. Often I use creamed corn but today I'm making my own creamed corn. Meaning I'll pre-cook the niblets for a while. I ought to use some of that ham since I have no bacon. Now you've done it.

Also today will be creamed spinach with mushrooms, to include with some cheese, wrapped in some corn tortillas.