Thursday, May 1, 2008

Top Chef

Top Chef is my jon. Translate that to English and you have "I love Top Chef." I however, wasn't too fond of last night's episode which started with the contestants making Uncle Ben's microwave rice and concluded with them making $10 family meals. Ultimately Mark was sent home due to some lackluster vegetable kerry (curry in American accent).

Why didn't I like it? What's wrong with a family meal challenge? Aren't I a family guy? Um, of course, but I don't want to see $10 meals when I watch a show who's ultimate goal is to find a "Top Chef." I want to see heavily refined, well, not necessarily refined (depends on your style) but food that was painstakingly created and clearly shows the chefs potential. Uncle Ben's microwaveable rice! Come on!

I also can't believe that the chefs just used $10 to create a four person meal, and went to Whole Foods to shop! What food store on earth is more notorious for being overpriced? Ok, maybe Williams Sonoma but that's more appliances. Though Whole Foods usually has good quality products, I would definitely not reccomend it to someone on a budget. Anyway, next episode should be exciting. We will talk more then.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nick. I understand the rice thing, after all, Uncle Ben ponied up the bucks. BUT - I was shouting at my television, and my wife and two cats that you couldn't buy SHALLOTS at Whole Foods for $10, let alone all the fixin's for a meal for a family. I did appreciate the assistance from their sous-chefs. It will hopefully start raising the bar in school lunch-rooms across the nation.