Thursday, May 22, 2008

Restaurant Wars

What a great episode last night. The cheftestants finally had a fun challenge.

The show started off with a quickfire consisting of manning the egg station at a popular breakfast joint (not Ihop). Antonia won, but we really didn't get to see much of the challenge. Clearly most of the time was being saved for restaurant wars. Mmm I was excited. Antonia's advantage allowed her to choose her team, and she clearly had the best picks, taking Steph and Richard. Wow, that's a team to beat. That left Spike, Lisa and Dale, and ahh the drama was inevitable.

The latter team tried an Asian restaurant, which was doomed to fail, while Antonia's group played it rather safe with a gastropub. I'll keep this post short, but I wish I could've gone to the gastropub. Is it only me? Or does anyone else hate Lisa? I can't stand her. Contrarily, I love Spike. It's pretty obvious he has no chance of winning, but the fact that he can seem to slide by every episode by doing nothing, is pretty amusing. Does he buy a new hat for every challenge?
I was kinda annoyed that Dale had to go home. Looks like no more Dale-Lisa drama for us viewers. I really hope Lisa flips at like Richard, who is rather quiet, next week. I wanna see her uppercut.

Dale being cut is just one step closer for Richard, and that makes me one step closer to the 5 bucks I'm entitled if he wins!


Kerry said...

I like your blog.

Lisa is the worst. I can't stop shouting through my TV at her. She totally should have gone home.

Arundathi said...

Lisa totally should've gone home. She was terrible. She is terrible. Bad attitude. Can't cook. No interpersonal skills... I actually liked Dale - I thought he was a disciplined chef, who seemed to win so many challenges...i was sure Lisa would go!

marthadotcom said...

That whole team should have gone home, it was disaster on top of disaster sprinkled with serious attitude. Let's just get down to the final three of Richard, Stephanie, and Antonia!

Lisa is the worst, she needs a haircut and an attitude adjustment.

Anonymous said...

Nick, Are you betting on the outcome? This is a show for entertainment, not for gambling. And anyone that has a Perfecta bet on Richard and Steph is going to make a little money...very little, as the odds against them finishing as the top two are real slim. Over at's TC blogs, some viewers swear they know who cooks the best tasting food. My Sony television is not that talented. it provides neither smell-o-vision or taste-surround. I have to count on Ted and Bourdain's snarky comments to get a real appreciation for the "Baby-puke and Potpourri" that is served.